The Block Project

STAR collaborates with the Baltimore City Needle Exchange program to provide HIV/STI counseling, testing and linkages to care and support services, health education/risk reduction, outreach and reproductive health services ever Thursday evening from 7pm to 11pm.

SADIA Women’s Support Group

Weekly support group for women living with HIV/AIDS. Light refreshments, transportation and an abundance of laughter, support and love are available. Change begins here ever Wednesday evening from 5pm-7pm.

Brothers of BOAZ (Men of Strength, Honor, Loyalty, Pride and Dignity)

Weekly support group for men living with HIV/AIDS. Facilitated by Leon Purnell, the executive Director of the Men and Families Center; the Brothers of BOAZ provides a safe and confidential space for men to discuss life, relationships and realizing their greatness.

SPA (Supporting Positive Attitudes)

Weekly women’s group that utilizes the book “What Matters Most” by Renita J. Weems to support women in developing positive attitudes and outlook to address and find resolutions to life situations. SPA provides a retreat and renewal; through the Journey and discussion of self, inner wisdom, choices, truth, sex and love.

Ryan White Part A: Minority AIDS initiative

An Initiative that provides psychosocial support services to HIV infected individuals in Baltimore City and the local eligible metropolitan area.

Minority AIDS Outreach (MAI Outreach)​

An outreach initiative that reaches women and men who are aware/ unaware of their HIV status and those who are lost to care (for at least 6 months).

Spiritual Counseling

Provides one-on-one group Spiritual counseling and Life coaching services to all people seeking change in their lives and or guidance and advice about particular problems or issues. Services are available to people of all faiths and provided in confidence with quality, compassionate counseling to enrich the whole person, mind, body and spirit.

Case Management

Comprehensive client centered case management services to HIV infected/ affected women, men and youth that coordinates access to health care, psychosocial and other services in a manner that is sensitive to their individual needs and personal goals.

Mental Health

Services are provided to individuals, couples, families, groups. Counseling, assessments including crisis intervention.

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