Sisters Together and Reaching Group

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Vendor Assistants – Assist vendors with locating their space and setting up. Communicate any questions or concerns to James Wilson and or Karen English.
  2. Volunteer Check-In – Assist with checking in volunteers, distribution of t shirts and name tags. Confirmation and clarity regarding any assignments. Provide Assistance as needed. Communicate any questions or concerns to Wil Torriente or Tracy Malone.
  3. 1st Floor Entrance Monitors (Greeters) – Welcome entering conference guests.  Verification of conference registration (*Ask to see ticket).  Direct guests to the appropriate elevators that lead to Registration on the 5th floor.  Maintain the orderly flow of guests and prevent congestion in the lobby. Provide Assistance as needed.
  4. 1st Floor Elevator Monitors – Direct conference guests to the 5th floor so that they may check in at registration. Maintain the orderly flow of guests and prevent congestion on the 1stfloor in the elevator area.  Provide Assistance as needed.
  5. 5th Floor Elevator Monitors – Direct conference guests to registration to check in.  Maintain the orderly flow of guests and prevent congestion on the 5th floor.  Direct conference guests to the appropriate rooms for the Breakout Sessions in the afternoon.  Provide Assistance as needed.
  6. Registration Verification of conference registration, check conference guests in, distribute t-shirts and bags.  Provide directions and assist as needed.
  7. 5th Floor Radio Station Area Prevent congestion in this area, maintain orderliness and provide Assistance as needed.
  8. Ballroom Monitors Maintain an orderly flow inside of the conference, make sure that aisles remain clear, make sure that questions and concerns are recognized and addressed, assist as needed with the distribution of lunches for the senior and disabled.  Provide Assistance as needed.
  9. Senior Escort/Disability Aide Assist the Seniors/Disabled with seating, questions and concerns. Coordinate with Ballroom Monitors to distribute lunches to the seniors and disabled.  Provide Assistance as needed.
  10. Lunch Distribution Assistants Assist with the orderly distribution of lunches.  Make sure that guests do not come out of the ballroom and proceed to the front of the line.  Pass out lunches and assure that guests filter back into the ballroom after receiving their lunch.  May need to assist Senior Escort/Disability Aide and Ballroom Monitors with lunch distribution in the Main Ballroom.Provide Assistance as needed.
  11. Workshop Moderator  The Workshop Moderator manages the processes and the dynamics of the workshop, enabling the participants to concentrate on the content the outcome. He/she is responsible for helping the group meet the workshop objectives.  Ideally the Moderator should come from outside of the project to ensure neutrality.  The Workshop Moderators skills and abilities include:
    • listening effectively and accurately
    • communicating clearly
    • developing trust with the group
    • summarizing
  12. Evaluation Recovery Collect the completed evaluations as the participant’s leave the room or at the end of the Breakout Session.  Maintain order in the room and assist the Workshop Moderator as needed.
  13. Lost and Found/Resolution Assist conference guests with any questions, concerns or issues that they may have in regards to conference.  Secure lost items that are turned in and return them once the guest has verified ownership.  Provide Assistance as needed.
  14. Speakers Table Check in various speakers in a timely manner prior to their session.  (*Speakers have been asked to check in at least 45-60 minutes prior to their speaking engagement). Have Speaker Assistants escort them to the Green Room prior to speaking.  Speaker Assistants will then escort speakers to their Plenary Session/Breakout Session. Provide Assistance as needed.
  15. Speakers Assistant – Escort speakers to the Green Room after they have checked in at the Speakers Table.  (If they would like to go to the Green Room) Escort speakers to Plenary Session/Breakout Sessions.  Provide Assistance as needed.
  16. Wellness Village Aide Assist with the set-up of the Wellness Village, Outreach conference guests to promote getting tested/knowing your status.  Assist as needed in the Wellness Village. (Demetrius Frazier is the Wellness Village Lead)
  17. Wellness Village Front Desk Assists with the set-up of the Wellness Village.  Check and make sure that Testing forms are filled out completely and accurately.  Provide Assistance as needed.

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